La Sierra was founded in 1.917 by Luis Martínez Noreña, at present is regented by his grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

From the origins already devoted us to the commercialization of wood and to the hardware of here the slogan of the years 20 “from a table until a nail Casa Luisín”.

Because of the energetic restrictions suffered in the country in the years 40 decided by part of the founder the building of a minicentral in the River Esva, 1,5 Km. waters on top of the current installations. Being one of the few companies, that to national level, self-sufficient with his proper energy.

Began the activity as sawmill consolidating in the years 50 the second transformation of wood, specialiizing in platforms and soils in wood of the zone, as they are the chestnuttree, oak, eucalyptus and pine. This reorientatión of the business was carried out by the second generation, composed by Luis, Román and Emilio Martínez Gutiérrez. In this period concluded the works of the minicentral hydraulic.

To ends of the decade of the 70, produces another relief generational with the incorporation of Román Martínez Díaz and subsequently, Emilio Martínez-Noreña García.

In the last years of the 80 is when it produces a true technological change in the processes mainly of dried, socket joint and retest of the platforms, like this as of the set up of a commercial plan and of logistics, which allow us offer to the market a wide range of woods and also loan a better service to the client. Because of the growth developed in this period have seen us in the need to purchase the ancient installations of the factory of Brieves when gathering the necessary conditions to continue with the plan of expansion estimated for the next years.

In this section we dispose of a wide section of ancient photographs and of the building of the Hydraulic Head office of “La Mouriente”.