• BOTANICAL NAME Abies Alba, Mill
  • OTHER NAMES Silver Fir, Common Fir
  • GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN Central and southern Europe, including eastern and central Asia and North America.
  • FAMILY Pinácea
  • DESCRIPTION OF WOODSapwood: Yellowish white – Heartwood: Reddish yellow – Fiber: Right – Grain: Medium to fine

Characteristics and mechanical behavior

Apparent density to 12% degrees of humidity: 450 kg/m3. It is a SEMI-SOFTWOOD.

  • Sawing Good, smooth
  • Toothbrushing Smooth
  • Screwed Good in thick pieces, it tends to crack
  • Molded Good
  • Turning Easy
  • Scratched Little resistance
  • Glued Good
  • Polishing Fair to good
  • Coating Good, but may present problems of standardizing the tones

Main uses and applications

  • Interior joinery arm
  • Plywood
  • Interior joinery coatings, friezes
  • Fences
  • Moldings
  • Skirting
  • Decorative plates
  • Musical instruments
  • Packaging