• BOTANICAL NAME Hymenaea courbaril
  • OTHER NAMES Courbaril
  • GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN South America, Antillas and Carribean
  • FAMILY Legumes
  • DESCRIPTION OF WOODSapwood: White pink – Heartwood: Pinkish brown to reddish brown – Fiber: Straight, sometimes slightly interwoven – Grain: Fine to half

Characteristics and mechanical behavior

Apparent density to 12% degrees of humidity: 850 kg/m3. It is a SEMI-HARDWOOD.

Very hard and stable, it presents a good resistance to fungi, xylophagous and termites. It presents some problems for gluing, as the tannins hinder a good bond. In its severity, one must drill before nailing or screwing. Bark with medicinal properties (astringent, stomach, balsamic, tonic). It produces a natural coating over a crystal clear resin called “American Copal”.

  • Sawing Well, although it requires powerful teams
  • Screwed Difficult, must be drilled before
  • Toothbrushing Difficult
  • Molded Difficult
  • Turning Good
  • Polishing Good
  • Coating Good
  • Glued Good
  • Scratched Resistant
  • Preparation of thin plates Very used

Main uses and applications

  • Soils and dais
  • Furniture
  • Joinery
  • Staircases
  • Cut and sculptures
  • Inner carpentry (doors, staircases, coatings, moldings, skirting, friezes)
  • Exterior carpentry (doors and windows)
  • Arches of musical instruments
  • Fine decorative plates