Maritime Pine

  • BOTANICAL NAME Pinus Pinaster Ait.
  • OTHER NAMES Pino Gallego
  • FAMILY Conifer
  • DESCRIPTION OF WOODSapwood: Yellowish white – Heartwood: Varies from yellow to red orange salmon – Fiber: Straight – Grain: Thick to medium – Characteristic defects: Knots healthy means large, abundant. Packed resin and wood body

Characteristics and mechanical behavior

Apparent density to 12% degrees of humidity: 530 kg/m3. It is a SEMI-SOFTWOOD.

Has a stable to changes in the moisture content is fairly nervous and is considered a slightly wooden. As for fungi is not durable.

  • Sawing Regulate
  • Screwed Good
  • Toothbrushing Regulate, due to the knots and resin
  • Molded Regulate, due to the knots and resin
  • Turning Good
  • Polishing Good
  • Coating Good
  • Glued Good, precisely because of the special glue resin

Main uses and applications

  • Rustic furniture and interior juvenile
  • Carpentry and wall voids
  • Interior joinery: doors, platform, friezes, frames and pre
  • Construction assistant: shoring and formwork
  • Fine decorative plates
  • Formwork
  • Packaging