Red Pine

  • BOTANICAL NAME Pinus sylvestris
  • OTHER NAMES North Pine, Valsain Pine, Pino Silvestre
  • FAMILY Conifers
  • DESCRIPTION OF WOODSapwood: Yellow pale – Heartwood: Reddish – Fiber: Straight – Grain: Medium to fine – Characteristic defects: Knots small to large, moderately healthy and counting. Small pockets of resin

Characteristics and mechanical behavior

Apparent density to 12% degrees of humidity: 510 kg/m3. It is a SEMI-SOFTWOOD.

It stable to variations in wood moisture content. In terms of durability against fungi, etc… it is considered moderately durable. Does not present any problem in machining.

  • Sawing Good
  • Screwed Good
  • Toothbrushing Good, problems may arise due to the appearance of knots and resin. It is recommended that low angles of attack and sharp tools
  • Molded Good
  • Turning Good
  • Polishing Good
  • Coating Good
  • Glued Good
  • Scratched Tough

Main uses and applications

  • Rustic furniture and interior juvenile
  • Carpentry and wall of windows, interior and exterior
  • Semiexterior carpentry: doors, windows, platforms, friezes
  • Carpentry arm, interior and semiexterior
  • Plywood
  • Decorative veneer and plywood
  • Construction assistant (shoring, shuttering)
  • Sleepers
  • Joinery
  • Boxes and Packaging
  • Posts