Energy saving and quality

he wood, like living fabric no inert, whose stock is tied to the vital functions, begins his process of degradation when logging the tree. From the moment in that the tree is sawed, does necessary a new balance in his content of humidity, so that the wood that of him obtain can be used effectively. The quality and length of the products manufactured in wood will be in relation very direct with the good dried of the same.

The first artisans of the wood observed that when they used humid wood or recently sawed, his products warped and lasted least that they had built with dry wood, which had left airing a true time.

A good dried has to fulfil fundamentally two conditions:

  • Achieve the felicitous humidity, depending of the due application.
  • Do that his distribution are uniform, not generating of this form cracks neither tensions in the boards.

Our teams of dried of wood, are designed especially to fulfil the requirements of dried more demanding.
In all moment control the humidity and temperature of the camera, in circuit closed, independently of the external conditions and without need to elevate the temperatures of dried. Realize like this a dried in humid camera and to low temperature, 50-65º.

When working in circuit closed obtains a big energetic saving, since it is not necessary to heat exterior air. To the same time can control the humidity of the camera and maintain it high during big part of the process of dried. In these conditions the surface of the wood no dry and transfer the water with main ease, achieving dry in less time that in the conventional systems and like this obtain an energetic saving of until a 60%.

Once dried and manufactured the distinct types of wood, and given the high humidity of our climate, is necessary for a correct storage to have of cameras with temperature and humidity controlled.

Why, with the eagerness to give the best quality to our products have built a warehouse conditioned where deposit the wood in the best conditions for his sale.