What we do

We work by and for the wood

…from does more of 90 years, with the end to provide them to our clients the best product to the most competitive price without descuidar a service of quality.

Specialized in Chestnut, noble asturian wood, also work a wide range of wood (national and of import), products and services related with the rehabilitatión of buildings and the work of the professional of the wood and the building.

Children of Luis Martínez Noreña S.L. under the commercial name of Maderas La Sierra and for which already are not so young “Casa Luisín” in honour to his founder, is a familiar company that already finds inmersed in the fourth generation. Founded in 1917 we specialize in drying, manufacturing, processing and storage of timber and hardware to the trade and DIY.

At present we dispose of productive installations, offices, and hardward store and DOY situated in the town of Trevías, like this as of warehouse over 2.500m2, and park of aired of wood of 35.000 m2 in the neighbouring population of Brieves.